Mirko Baselgia Laiz Laiz Mamma 2010

Laiz Laiz Mamma

apple tree wood, silk, breast milk

46cm x 55cm x 1.1cm


Series of 11 pieces

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Laiz Laiz Mamma

During a public performance, discs of frozen breast milk melted on veils of silk stretched on wooden frames. The milk fat drew irregular and translucent shapes on the immaculate silk intensifying the idea of transparency. Through these fortuitous, autonomous drawings the role of the artist and the traditional idea of painting are radically questioned, and the materiality of the canvases is investigated. The title of the series, 'Laiz Laiz Mamma', which in Rumantsch means 'you want mother's milk', plays with the two different meanings of the word laiz.

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