Mirko Baselgia Midada da structura 2012

Midada da structura

Stone pine wood (pinus cembra)


Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Midada da structura

'Midada da structura' is the reproduction of a honeycomb that has undergone an experiment. The artist inserted in a beehive a wax base with an Islamic-inspired hexagonal pattern instead of a base with the traditional hexagonal design to see if it would influence the bees' work. The resulting honeycomb, which has actually been partly shaped by the unusual pattern, has then been enlarged and sculpted in Swiss stone pine wood with a technologically advanced machine. The intertwining of artificial and natural structures is thus the visual sign of the interaction between human and animal world. Bees are a recurrent theme in the artist's creations; he's not only intrigued by their efficiency and precise hierarchical organization, which proves the closeness between the animal world and human society, but he also has a sort of emotional connection with these insects, since beekeeping is part of his familiar roots.

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