Mirko Baselgia Ante Moriah 2016

Ante Moriah

Ink on paper

3.3cm x 5.5cm

Paper 35.8 x 27.8 cm


Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Ante Moriah

Moriah is the name given to a mountainous area of Jerusalem by the Book of Genesis, where the tradition says the sacrifice of Isaac occurred. 'Ante Moriah' is part of a small series of drawings representing highly symbolic religious and/or cultural places in their original, untouched wilderness, before human presence and culture interfered in the dominion of nature. Due to their reduced dimensions, these miniature works invite us to a closer, more intimate view, and express the artist's desire to guide the viewer to a slower, deeper contemplation. Moreover, these natural landscapes present themselves as refined reflections on the seminal impact that culture has on the definition of territories.

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