Mirko Baselgia Aviöl I 2015

Aviöl I

Photogravure, Printer : Arno Hassler , Atelier de Gravure , Moutier

27cm x 17cm


Edition 22/5AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Aviöl I

When he got back from his holiday, the artist discovered eleven dead bees lined up on the window ledge of his studio. Bees have been a source of inspiration to him for some time, so he interpreted their presence as a sign that he should continue to pursue this interest. He decided to take the bees to the Atelier de Gravure in Moutier, where the printer, Arno Hassler, made him a series of heliogravures. The resulting shadows left by the dead insects on photosensitive paper create powerful portraits, contemporary vanitas, suggesting a ghostly presence.

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